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"Optimizing food potential using natural microbes and energy free preservation techniques"

Ferment Field
Cabbages in the field were bursting and needed to be picked and crocked. Everything is local home grown "organic/ sustainable/ permacultured/ biodynamic/ synergistically as possible. We grow as much fermentables as we can to provide a "Field to Ferment" success. Our monthly full moon ferments are fully transformed by natural microbial activity into a food safe form where bad bacterium cannot invade. All without any potential estrogenic or ion disruptors from plastic or metal that may affect the working of natures plant enzymes. This has worked for tens of thousands of years and uses no power. Stone crocks, unleaded glass containers, and wood containers is what allow the magic of lactofermentation to occur as naturally as possible. Our collection of large quartz crystal points are used to hold down our veggies in the brine as they transform for a few months. Learn all about fermented foods at www.ItsAllAboutTheGut.com. A new webpage The Ferment Farm getting built to separate our growing from our fermenting. The farm will feature picsand tricks from 35 years of experience in deep mulch gardening practices. And all just for growing fermentables in a field! "Synergistic" is a new name recently coined for this practice. I call it "like Mother Nature". Bare soil is not natural. Covered soil grows better bugs/microbes that plants love.
Come to the Kelowna Farmers Market on Wed & Sat this summer to try some!
Cabbage eagleYogiOfTheMonth  
and each and every cabbage is picked in a yoga pose
Cabbage FlowerHappy Cabbageskisses come from kissiing
cauliFace And LOts of Playing!

Available below are products made in as much as a "food safe" environment as possible. Pictures of us growing, cutting, crocking, uncrocking will be sporatically added.



First Day at Kelowna Farmers and Crafters Market.
The Force was STRONG!
(Fourth of May - I am Treckie)

You will see us here for the summer as we collect true "Market" research.
First sale goes to Scott on his way to go pick wild mushrooms. Nope, I cant tell you where!
'Booch Momma! Alisha & Anna are Fermentress Goddesses also legal for the market!
Thats what we are talking about!!!
Doubly WILD! Scot Moran is the forest forager with tuns of deep wood secrets!
Never boring at the market
Global Okanagan News visited our booth to interview Big Larry on the markets 21st Birthday



CaptainAndTennille Harvesting
TennilleInPatch Tennille workin the patch..
Dilly Carrots-to- be!
messn with fresh picked garlic scapes whilst dillying
stuffing the jars before wet brining
Un-crocking at Krafty Un-crocking in food safety at Krafty Kitchen + Bar
Pretty Girls Nothing but clean utensils touched anything.
The jokes....maybe not so clean!
Velma Sperling chopping Velma Sperling shows us how to use her cabbage shredder at her Pioneer Market food preparation kitchen. Wines and food have grown on her ranch since 1930 and may have Kelowna's oldest vines.  


Chopping Cabbage into crock This big shredder made quick work for filling our crocks. We add our SBO* component when mixing in the Hymalayan salt.
*SBOs -Soil Based Organisms carried from finely shredded carrots, beets, garlic, onions, radishes, cuckumber, small zuchinni, and fresh herbs. Valley Kraut is what we can be calling this. We make up our SBOs addition from our gardens as well as a trace from the best of all the Farmers Market folk. We believe some of the microbial magic from their soil and the love they put into their veggies should be included.

More life is better, and good life always wins!
wash up good Yup, everything washes up good at Moonstone Ferments! Manager Mia at Krafty Kitchen loves the way we cRock!
mixing the magic kimchi sauce into the cabbage & radish This last full moon ferment was Kimchi Madness! Here we are mixing the magic kimchi sauce into the cabbage & radish before crocking at our fermatorium in City Pizza.
mixture is squished down mixture is squished down into the crock to help the brine and natural veggie juices released.
cabbage hats Once the crock is stuffed, large leafs make a "hat" to help contain the small veggies.
cheesecloth & plate Cheesecloth is applied to keep all veggie fragments under the brine for proper aneorobic bacteria growth.
bambo sticks Bambo sticks help hold all down.Much CO2 gas is released during fermentation.
pure quartz crystal point weight A pure quartz crystal point is used as a weight before sealing it all up!
into the fart room And into the Fart room it goes!
Food Safety Plan Our seven page Food Safety Plan is necessary in this "bigger than home kitchen" fermentation.
Kimchi Jaring party The "Fart Room"
Kimchi Birthday! We had a great Kimchi Birday party at City Pizza. Uncrocked a 20 gallon behemoth that was packed in Novembers full moon.
out of the fart room Yup, it felt like a birthday party! This is about the biggest crock out there.
lid off The custom lid came off, and the smell of over a hundred pounds of cabbage and radish flavoured garlic, ginger, onion, pepper, and fish sauce filled the room! Wonderful!!!
Big Crystal The quartz point was a big beauty. It did its job to stop the ferment from crawling out of the crock. More fancy than a river rock!!
pH 3.1  pHerfection!! pH 3.1 ......pHerfection!!
Food Safe says anything over 4.6 pH is considered high risk. Water is around 7 pH and apple cider vinegar is 2.8 pH.
Natural fermentation makes food SAFE!
Pretty girl A very pretty jar stuffer!
kraut adds magic She makes really great breakfasts. Yes, kraut & kimchi on ANYTHING makes it taste better!
Rolling out the Golden Fire Kimchi Rolling out a crock of Golden Fire Kimchi
our "signiture" blend containing turmeric, cracked black pepper and a hit of habenero just to add a "spank" so we dont eat it too fast!
Taking the Lid off as the lid comes off the aroma hits!
three quartz weights Three nice quartz crystals were used as weights
pH 3.1 Perfect pH! 3.1 is very acidic and extremely safe.
and into the jars it goes! Jar stuffing is time consuming and full of love giving.
Kimchi on Ravioli OMG! this ravioli is SO GOOD! Kimchi makes Everything Better!
Crock Hunting SUCCESS! Had to drive up the valley when a rumour of a #30 was for sale in a flea market.
Part of the Moonstone/AllAboutThe Gut fleet of vehicles. Out on a Jar run. Yup, its cheaper to buy special jars, but nobody will reuse them as much as good old Mason!


RUBY KRAUT 2016 (could be called "Valley Kraut")

 This perfect mix of green and red cabbage from the first of the season always tastes GREAT! Below are pictures of contributors who gave a bit of the love, intent, and microorganisms from their farms and gardens. Just a bit, but its still woven into the magic of this ferment. Lab results are back and we are ready to uncrock as soon as our stock of last winters ferments get gobbled up.

salt rubbing the quartz crystal weight all crocked up!


coin Growing your own food is like printing your own money! Fermenting it is like super compounding  interest!
MoonstoneFerments Kraut

Our Krauts [Ruby, Garnet, and Sapphire Wine] are one of a kind, single batch microbial artworks! They could all be called "Valley Krauts" as we incorporate the magic and love from organic growers up and down the valley. A special thanks for SOBs {Soil Based Organisms} from up at Deerfoot Farm in Armstrong, Kelowna Gardens, Wise Earth Farm, ASG Fresh Produce, Varga’s Produce, Morning Dove, and Green City Acres, down to Forbes Farm in Oliver. A small part our entire Valley is homeopathically introduced into the mix of our home grown red and green cabbage. Look forward to tasting it! Give us a call or text.

QUARTZ Sapphire Wine Garnet Garden

(organic white/green)

≤ 2%

Himalayan salt


(2/1  red/green)

≤ 2 % (each)

Carrot (heirloom), Apple (Granny & Crab.), Beet, Himalayan salt.

≤ 1% ( each)

Onion, Radish,  Garlic, Dill,  Rosemary


(3/1 red/green)

≤ 5 % (each)

Carrot (purple & baby), Beet, Apple (Granny & Crab.)

≤ 2% ( each)

Cucumber, Onion, Radish, Himalayan salt.

≤ 1% (each)

Celery, Garlic, Zucchini, Dill, Cilantro, Parsley, Rosemary

Kimchi -Traditional

45 % CABBAGE (Sui Choi/Nappa)

20% Radish (Daikon/Low Bok)

≤ 10 % (each)

Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Red pepper flakes, fish sauce, Kombu (seaweed broth).

≤ 2%

Himalayan salt, cane sugar,

Shrimp Fry (Salted shrimp paste)

KIMCHIgoldenFire LABLE Golden Fire Kimchi

Same as our traditional for ingredients EXCEPT....
Our "Golden Fire Kimchi" is signiture for those who deal with inflamatory pain (me).
We use a bit of cracked black pepper with a whack of turmeric
and a smattering of habenero as a spank so you dont east it too fast.
The black pepper has been found to increase the bioavailability of the turmeric
 by up to 2000% according to research (link is in our link library)

We can be contacted via text or phone at two-five-zero, 317-three 96 six.

or daniel at mulchgardening . calm

Basic difference between LIVE pickling and DEAD pickling
 Salt-based pickles actually create their preservative properties through the act of lactic acid fermentation. Live cultures that live on the vegetables react with the vegetable starches in the presence of sea salt and water. They proliferate into trillions of microbes within a few days. These lactic acid bacteria dominate and ultimately rule this universe in a jar. Their action lowers the pH of the brine to a point that no pathogens can survive. This is the same microbial activity found in a healthy human gut. They perform the very same tasks in the small intestine as in the pickling jar; they create a pH so low that no pathogens can proliferate.

~~Download a two page PDF file that gives basics on veggie fermenting at home, and kombucha tea making. by Facebook Wild Fermentation group.

Worlds Longest Cuke This is a link to the
Worlds biggest
(as by Guinness)
Big Larry ready to pickle 44" pickle-to-be!