2. Harvesting:

a) canning & recipes

b) seed harvesting

c) storing produce

 d) composting

b) Seed Harvesting: Click on any image to ENLARGE.

seedcollectradish.jpg (42783 bytes) White radish plants can get really big. This one plant provided many salads from young seed pods plus a whack of seeds. broccolibucket.jpg (41437 bytes) Broccoli heads go to flower quickly but take a lot longer to develop their seed pods.
colllectradishstrainer.jpg (35382 bytes) Broccoli and radish need their pods broken to release the little seeds. Straining the chaff and willowing gets the seeds cleaned. seedspreader.jpg (24095 bytes) A wonderful Garden Goddess helps to spread seeds on rice paper for long storage and easy germination..
seedpile.jpg (24260 bytes) This is the special seed drying area (otherwise known as a living room).    


c) storing produce Click on any image to ENLARGE.